Will Delta 8 Show Up on a Drug Test?

When you use Delta 8 products, they can appear on a drug test. Yes, Delta-8 THC can prevent you from passing a drug test. Delta-8 will show up in a drug test because delta-9 could be found in delta-8 products. While there is a loophole surrounding the use of delta-8, it won't help you pass a drug test.

Therefore, if you are about to be tested, it is best to avoid taking any product containing this cannabinoid for at least 30 days. The Everest Delta 8 THC business produces Everest Delta-8 gummies, one of the best-known groceries on the market. When THC is metabolized, either delta-8 or delta-9, very similar forms of THC-COOH are obtained (Delta 8 -THC-COOH versus Delta 9 -THC-COOH). Unfortunately, the complexities of how Delta 8 currently affects drug testing still require more research and may lead to new regulations on drug testing.

So, does Delta 8 show up on a drug test? Yes, but you can also test a false positive for Delta 9 for THC, leading to you not passing a drug test, even if Delta 8 is legal in your state. And while quality CBD won't make you fail a drug test, Delta 8 doesn't follow the same rules. Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, the lesser-known cousin of delta 9, is rapidly gaining recognition thanks to the murky laws that surround it and the similarity of delta 8 to the THC of delta 9.While there is no explicit test of the drug delta 8 for THC, you may not pass a test that covers all forms of THC if you use delta 8 THC. If you don't pass a drug test because of Delta 8 THC, the best thing to do is talk to your employer or school.

It's important to note that there are some tests that can detect Delta 8, so consider that before taking any type of medication or recreational drug. Many factors such as age, weight, metabolism, the half-life of the drug, the frequency of use and the level of hydration can affect the length of time the metabolites of THC delta 8 remain in the body. To be safe from failing a drug test due to Delta 8 THC, it's best to abstain from taking any product containing this cannabinoid for at least 90 days.

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