How to Avoid Clogging Your 510 Cartridge

Condensation buildup inside the cartridge is the most common cause of a blocked car. Over time, this condensation can block the nozzle and prevent steam from passing through it when hit. To avoid this, try not to leave the cartridges in cold areas, as this causes the oil to thicken and increases the likelihood of clogging. If you're still having problems with a clogged vaping cartridge, start by locating the airflow holes in the base of the cartridge and checking if they're open.

If the airflow holes appear clogged, try cleaning them with a needle, a thin paper clip, or other thin, sterile object. If your cart continues to clog up, you may need to intermittently clean the air flow holes with a needle and blow into the nozzle of the vaporizer to expel residual oil. Preheating your device is also a great way to avoid overly viscous oil. If the holes in the cartridge are clogged with oil, try heating it with a hair dryer (lower temperature setting) or rubbing it between your hands to heat the oil and change its viscosity.

Oil with lower viscosity moves quickly in the cartridge and even risks spilling at different levels of the vaporizer. When using your vaping battery, be sure not to break the cartridge with too much force as this can lead to clogging. If you can't generate airflow simply by hitting the cartridge, you may have to hold down the battery button for several seconds to burn off excess oil and try again. In some cases, when a cartridge is screwed as tightly as possible to a battery, it covers the holes and only a small amount of air flows, ultimately drawing out enough oil to cause a blockage.

Inhaling slowly can also help heat up the oil in the cartridge (if the battery is activated when inhaling) to an optimal level. To avoid all these issues entirely, purchase carts equipped with CCELL's revolutionary ceramic heating technology. Applying heat from your cartridge system allows it to move through the mechanisms and become the magic elixir you smoke. Additionally, make sure that there is an ideal alignment between the airflow holes in the base of the cartridge and the battery structure.

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