What Are the Benefits and Risks of Consuming Hemp?

Eating hemp seeds is generally considered safe, as long as it is done in moderation. Hemp seeds are packed with essential nutrients, including antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. They are also free of common allergens like nuts, gluten, lactose, and soy. However, consuming hemp seeds can cause mild diarrhea due to their high fat content.

Additionally, athletes and other individuals who are subject to drug screenings should be aware that consuming hemp products can lead to a lack of urinalysis in some cases. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of nutrition for babies and children, as they are rich in omegas which are important for brain development and protein which is important for body growth. It is important to note that consuming hemp in very high doses can interact with other medications that people may be taking. This is especially concerning for those with chronic illnesses or other conditions that require multiple medications.

The doses used in studies were representative of the THC levels found in hemp seed products and a variety of daily consumption rates.

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